Fuji Oil believes that cooperating with our business partners to ensure stable and sustainable procurement practices is of great importance in terms of continuously contributing to society, and as such compiled CSR Procurement Guidelines in 2012. Four years have now passed since these guidelines were created, and in that time changes have taken place in society and the way the Fuji Oil group operates. With its shift to a holding company structure in October 2015, Fuji Oil took the opportunity to revise its CSR Procurement Guidelines and published this second edition in Japanese and English. The CSR Procurement Guidelines (2nd Edition) shall apply to Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., Toraku Foods Co., Ltd., Fuji Fresh Foods Co., Ltd., and Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd.
In order to implement procurement based on the CSR Procurement Guidelines (2nd Edition), Fuji Oil’s business partners cooperated with a questionnaire in March 2016. We shall make use of the results of this questionnaire in our business and henceforth deepen the partnership we have with our business partners to ensure we implement responsible and sustainable procurement.