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Research & Development

Chocolate for ice cream- The secret of delicious relationship between chocolate and ice cream

The delicious flavor of chocolate that captures all hearts

Chocolate is made mainly with materials such as cacao mass, cocoa, cocoa butter, powdered milk, and sugar. It has long been loved by all. The taste of cacao, its brittle texture, and the way it deliciously melts in the month…people are enchanted by the charms of chocolate.

The importance of melting

Chocolate melts in the mouth because its melting point is around 30 to 32°C, close to human body temperature. It slowly melts when exposed to body temperature inside the mouth.

What happens when chocolate is eaten together with ice cream? If a person takes a spoonful of ice cream and puts a piece of chocolate into his or her mouth right after, the chocolate will not melt in the mouth so easily. It will be like having a piece of wax in your mouth. This is because of the influence on temperature in the mouth by the ice cream. Eating ice cream makes the mouth cold. Since the temperature in the mouth is lower, there is not enough heat to melt the chocolate, which consequently does not melt in the mouth very quickly. Therefore, if eaten with ice cream, ordinary chocolate will not easily melt in the mouth.

Achievement of optimal melting

Fuji Oil wanted to develop a chocolate that would go well with ice cream, and focused on the melting point of the oils and fats determining whether the chocolate melts or hardens. Ordinarily, the melting of chocolate depends on the characteristics of cocoa butter, the oils and fats in chocolate. We changed the melting point of chocolate by combining vegetable oils and fats that have different melting points with cocoa butter.
In the case of chocolate used for ice cream, we had to lower the melting point of cocoa butter so that the chocolate would melt in the mouth even at a lower temperature. As a specialist in vegetable oils and fats, Fuji Oil adjusted the melting point by combining oils and fats of various characteristics and achieved the optimal melt in the mouth for chocolate to be eaten with ice cream.


When I use ordinary chocolate for ice cream, melting of chocolate in the mouth is bad.


Chocolate for ice cream
Developed chocolate with optimum melting point according to temperature in the mouth
Realized ideal melting in the mouth melted with ice cream

The ice cream with chocolate coating that smoothly melts in the mouth and ice cream studded with brittle chocolate chips that people casually eat are imbued with Fuji Oil technology.
Research and development at Fuji Oil will continue our quest to make the world of food even more delicious.