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Research & Development

All Up VC- An oil that highlights delicious flavor

Enhancing delicious flavor with oil

Developed by Fuji Oil in its pursuit of deliciousness in oils and fats, All Up VC is an oil that highlights and strengthens the delicious flavor inherent in dishes and foods.

In edible oil processing, refining removes constituents that could cause colors and unpleasant odors from oils and makes them virtually tasteless and odorless. Although oil is indispensable to the preparation of many foods, it has been considered desirable to eliminate the flavor and taste of oil. Fuji Oil, however, wondered if it might be possible to give oil a new role which can contribute to deliciousness, and took up the challenge of developing such new-function oil.

Enhancing delicious flavor with oil

All Up VC born of new technology - the DTR Process

In the promotion of this research, the team developed technology for stable dispersion of substances that had been difficult to dissolve into the oils and fats. We discovered that use of this technology, which we named "DTR Process," endows the foods using the resulting oils and fats with a delicious new flavor.

All Up VC is oil that was developed by use of the DTR Process, and has a taste-enhancing effect (meaning that it strengthens the perceived flavor). With this process, we dispersed Vitamin C, which ordinarily cannot be dissolved in oil, into oil, and realized that foods made with this oil seem to have a stronger flavor. This effect cannot be obtained merely by adding Vitamin C. More specifically, the flavors that seem stronger are saltiness, pungency in the broad sense encompassing spiciness, and sourness. The reinforcement of these flavors, which accent foods, is linked to an improvement of taste.

DTR Process


I would like to make delicious food made with oil


All Up VC
All Up VC
Enhance the deliciousness of food with "taste enhancement effect" which makes you feel the taste accents strongly
Application examples and effects of All Up VC

Application examples and effects of All Up VC

Contribution to reduced consumption of salt

It may also be noted that the ability to strengthen flavor also enables less use of seasonings such as salt. In short, the salt contents can be lowered while maintaining the delicious flavor. These days, when lifestyle diseases are a serious problem, reduced salt intake has become a concern around the world. Awareness of the need to eat less salt is anticipated to rise even higher among consumers in the future. We have confirmed that products made with this oil can deliver the same degree of perceived saltiness while containing about 20% less salt. This effect has also been confirmed through joint research with nutritionists in Japan.

Effect of the taste-enhancing function for reduced salt intake

panel test on salt flavor strengthening
Effect of the taste-enhancing function for reduced salt intake

New possibilities in the food with oil - We will continue to develop innovative products that can offer deliciousness and health.