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Research & Development

USS Manufacturing Method- The birth of premium soy milk that engendered a new soy world

The challenge by Fuji Oil, an all-around soy manufacturer

Ever since its founding, Fuji Oil has continued to engage in soybean-related research and development. As the world’s only all-around manufacturer of soy products, it has developed all sorts of food ingredients made from soybeans. Soybeans are precious items; although they are plants, they contain a well-balanced mix of lipids, protein, and carbohydrates, and have various bioactive effects.

Soybeans also contain a well-balanced blend of essential amino acids needed by our bodies. At 100, they have the highest possible amino acid score, which indicates the quality of the balance of essential amino acids contained.
Like soybeans, eggs and milk are other foods that have an amino acid score of 100. They, too, have been essential for human dietary life from ancient times. The history of food shows that methods of separating certain components of eggs and milk for use apart from the others were developed and helped to widen the range of application. People separated the yolks and whites of eggs, and milk into dairy cream and low-fat milk. For example, egg yolks are used to make mayonnaise and custard, and egg whites, meringue. Because the separated components have mutually different characteristics, their separation led to the birth of new foods.

Fuji Oil wondered if the same thing couldn’t be done with soybeans. We set out to separate the components of soybeans as was done with eggs and milk to obtain cream with a high oil content and a water-soluble component, and to explore new possibilities that would widen occasions for consumption of soybeans.

The challenge by Fuji Oil, an all-around soy manufacturer

World-first Ultra Soy Separation Manufacturing Method

When it actually initiated studies, Fuji Oil found that the components within soybeans were bound together very strongly. Separating them was extremely difficult. In the course of soy research extending for more than 50 years, however, we discovered a method of separating the lipophilic protein and hydrophilic protein. Taking a clue from this method, we invented another for separation of soybeans into two components, i.e., soy milk cream and low-fat soy milk.

It named this patented method, the world’s first for separation of soybeans into components, Ultra Soy Separation (USS) Manufacturing Method. Use of this method led to the birth of new soy ingredients that had never been available before.

Reproducing fractionation corresponding to that of milk and eggs with soybeans
< World's First USS Manufacturing Method (Patent Granted) >


Strage protein





Egg whites


Egg yolks

Separation after cracking eggs



Skim milk


Fresh cream

Separation by low centrifugal force



Low-fat soy milk


Soy milk cream

Newly developed USS
Manufacturing Method

USS Manufacturing Method

Offering the world delicious new soy flavors

As described above, soy milk cream and low-fat soy milk were the fruits of the world’s first successful soy separation. It has been confirmed that they have different flavors and functions that were not delivered by ordinary soy milk.

Although it possesses the deep body of soybeans, soy milk cream accents the flavor of the ingredients it is used with, and lends the finished products a delicious, creamy texture.
Low-fat soy milk is a healthy ingredient containing almost no oil. Nevertheless, it has a very strong soy taste, and can even be used for making soup stock.

This soy ingredient, the first of its kind in the whole world, was named "Premium Soy Milk". As an ingredient enabling the presentation of new flavors, it was introduced at the Japanese pavilion in Expo Milano 2015, the world food exposition, and is coming into use on a global scale.

A variety of new food products are also being created on the basis of soy milk cream and low-fat soy milk.

USS Manufacturing Method (Ultra Soy Separation)

USS Manufacturing Method (Ultra Soy Separation)

A whole new soybean world was opened up by the birth of premium soy milk through the USS Manufacturing Method. In the future as well, we are going to keep pursuing the possibilities of soybeans and generating results that will please people around the world.