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  • Inquiries are accepted during company hours on weekdays.
    Working hours: 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM, Monday ~ Friday
    (Inquiries are not accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, the year-end holiday season, the summer vacation season, and company holidays.)

  • Please note that it may take considerable time for us to respond to your inquiry, depending on the matter raised.
    Please also note that we may not be able to provide a response, depending on the matter raised.

  • Replies will be sent to the individual customer. Please refrain from forwarding, making secondary use of, or disclosing any reply, in whole or in part, to any third party, without the permission of our company.

  • Because we may furnish a reply by telephone, please enter a telephone number where you can be contacted during the day.

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Personal information

  • We shall manage all personal information on customers and the text of their inquiries in accordance with our policy on protection of privacy.

  • We shall use any personal information on customers only for response to their inquiries.

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Customer information

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Privacy Policy

Hiroshi Shimizu, President and CEO

We recognize that the protection of personal information is our social responsibility and will exert our utmost efforts to protect all personally identifiable information (collectively referred to as "personal information") in accordance with the policy described below.

  1. In collecting personal information

    We will collect personal information using only lawful and fair means in all our business activities.

  2. In using personal information

    • We will use personal information only within the range specified at the time of collection, and only as is necessary to perform our business.

    • If we use personal information in conjunction with designated Third Parties, or entrust the handling of personal information to any Third Party (collectively referred to as "Third Parties"), we will conduct strict and careful investigations of such Third Parties, and supervise such Third Parties appropriately to ensure that they keep personal information secret and confidential.

  3. On the Provision of Personal Information to any Third Party

    Unless otherwise mandated by law, we will never provide personal information to any Third Party without the prior consent of the person to whom such information relates.

  4. In storing personal information

    • We will endeavor to maintain the accuracy of personal information and store it securely at all times.

    • We will take all appropriate measures to ensure the security of personal information against such dangers as unauthorized access to the information, and computer viruses, in order to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information.

  5. On the Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use and Deletion of Personal Information

    We recognize that the person to whom personal information relates has the right to request its disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion, and will promptly respond to such requests.

  6. Organization and System

    • We will assign a person charged with protecting personal information and ensure that personal information is appropriately protected and preserved at all times.

    • We will educate our directors, auditors and employees about suitable protection methods for personal information and ensure that due consideration for the handling of personal information is present in every aspect of our daily business.

  7. Planning, Execution and Improvement of the Basic Policy, etc. Concerning Control of Information

    We will establish a Basic Policy and Basic Regulations Concerning the Control of Information, compile a Manual for the Protection of Personal Information in accordance with said policy and regulations, ensure that all directors, auditors, employees and all other relevant persons fully understand and recognize the details and importance of the policy and regulations, and strive to improve them continuously.

This privacy policy is effective on October 1, 2015.