Fuji Oil is constructing a new plant for soy processing food on the grounds of its Chiba Plant (located in the city of Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan), keeping up with the society's increasing demand for growing health awareness.
We aim to establish the new plant based on “Safety, quality, and the environment”, one of our Values in the Group Management Philosophy.

With the construction of the new plant, we are determined to energetically develop new markets for the future and make a contribution to our customers and society as a whole through a concerted companywide effort.

Outline of the Chiba plant

・Place    : 35-1, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture
・Lot area: 60,115 square meters

Outline of the new plant

・Building area                       : 1,456 square meters
・Total floor area                    : 2,173 square meters
・Production capacity              : 9,000 tons per year
・Construction date (expected) : April, 2019
・Operation date (expected)     : April, 2020
・Investment amount              : 2.4 billion yen