The research and development center of Fuji Oil Group, Fuji Science& Innovation Center (Izumisano City, Osaka; Head of the Center: Haruyasu Kida), received the Kinki New Office Promotion Award at the 30th Nikkei New Office Awards.

With support from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “Nikkei New Office Awards” organized by Nikkei Inc. and New Office Promotion Association recognize the offices with full of originality and inventions for the purpose of spreading/promoting “New Offices”.
Out of this year’s 129 applicants, 16 offices were selected to receive the “New Office Promotion Award”, and 19 offices selected from 7 regions of Japan received the “Regional New Office Promotion Award”. The Fuji Science& Innovation Center was selected to receive the “Regional New Office Promotion Award”. The award recognizes that the office concept as a “Research & Development office in the plant” is consistent with the idea of “Human Environment Design”, designs of environments which can be used by everyone.

Based on the concept of “Co-creation” and “Communication”, Fuji Science & Innovation Center is making various efforts.

① “Co-creation hall” is used as a venue for an annual event of the food complex and cross-industrial exchange meetings. It is promoting exchanges among customers and the local community. (The number of visitors reached 2,190 in June 2017)
② Internal open seminars are held in the “Communication floor” on the 3rd floor.
③ To make the most of it, employees are promoting continuous improvements in the workplace as “Our Co-creation Activity”

In order to realize the establishment of a venue for generating innovations, we will continue to strive to create the future of food as the headquarters of research and development in the Fuji Oil Group.