In November 2016, Fuji Oil was recognized by the City of Osaka as a leading company for promotion of a wider role for women. Of all of the companies so recognized in the same year, we were selected as one of the top 10 for a progressive spirit and continuation of persevering efforts, and given the Excellence Award.

The following were cited as activities that led to our high ratings.
・Launch of projects for reforming work styles and development of companywide approaches to consciousness renewal, in-house data analysis, etc., in order to make work more efficient
・Full assortment of diverse programs for support, including a setup for monitoring and assistance of employees caring for children and support for “vibrant career-building”
・Steps encouraging employees who are new fathers to take leave for childcare, such as introducing them to cases of childcare by fathers and preparation of related explanatory documents especially for fathers

At Fuji Oil, we intend to establish a more proactive structure on new tasks which all employees will contribute to society in the future as well.