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News Release

Participation in TREND EXPO TOKYO 2016

Fuji Oil participated in TREND EXPO TOKYO 2016, an event that was brought together hit products of the future under one roof. It was held over the two-day period November 11 – 12, and was organized by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (at Tokyo Midtown, in the Roppongi district of Tokyo).

TREND EXPO TOKYO 2016 featured robots applying artificial intelligence (AI) and other leading-edge technology, products utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), and various other articles, developments, and services that promise to be hits in the future. Furthermore, apprehending these items from the two perspectives of technology and marketing, it was a landmark event not only for viewing the demand among consumers for the products and services themselves but also for thinking about future hits, through consumer experience of them.

Of the three fields of future hits, Fuji Oil was decided to participate in the field of technology, life (food, housing, and apparel), and local and social activities, as a company proposing new lifestyle healthy foods. This decision was occasioned by the sales launch of MAME-MAGE Block, a cheese-like fermented soy milk product positioned as the seed of the next hit product.

At the event, which attracted more than 10,000 people over its two-day run, the Fuji Oil booth introduced the world’s first Ultra Soy Separation (USS) manufacturing method and offered visitors samples of MAME-MAGE Block. It attracted keen interest among consumers and representatives from a wide range of businesses who visited it.

Participation in TREND EXPO TOKYO 2016

■Product information

Name: MAME-MAGE Block

Product characteristics: A block-cheese-type of fermented soy milk product made mainly of low-fat soy milk born of the USS manufacturing method. It can be shredded and cut into the desired size. It is delicious whether eaten as is or heated. It can be used to make dishes including caprese, pizza, lasagne, and gratin. It contains absolutely no animal-derived ingredients.

  • Name: MAME-MAGE Block
  • Name Soy milk processed food
    Start of sales October 4, 2016 (sales launch)
    Ingredients Soy milk, vegetable oil, starch, dextrine, table salt, yeast extract/thickener (processed starch), pH adjustment agent (contains some soybean)
    Product form 1-kg pillows x 12 / cardboard cases
    Storage Keep refrigerated (0 - 10℃)
    Expiration date 240 days after manufacture