Organized by the Federation of Japan Confectionery Associations and Tokyo Confectionery Associations, the 2016 Japan Cake Show Tokyo was held at the Tokyo Industrial Trade Center Taito-kan over the 3-day period October 11 – 13. Fuji Oil Group also had booths at the Show.

Top of Patissier 2016 was held during the run of the Show. This is Japan’s biggest pastry contest, and also served as an event for selection of the Japanese representative for the Third Asian Championship, which is going to be held in China next year. The winner of the Grand Prix was selected from pastry entries from all parts of Japan and other Asian countries. The organizers announced that the Show attracted about 20,000 visitors over its 3-day run.

The Fuji Oil Group booths had displays in the 3 categories of chocolate, Tiratisu, and the Machi Oyatsu Project. Each booth made an appeal for our products.

< Main products exhibited>
・Chocolate Booth
Noir 55, Tumaco, Satipo, Elish Blanc, Elish Amer

・Tiratisu Booth

・Machi Oyatsu Project Booth
Howatama, Kasamaguri, Smart Sweets

Taking “special, thoughtful sweets to give to those you love” as its theme, the Tiratisu Booth displayed different types of Tiratisu for different occasions. Their cute appearance and delicious flavor caused many visitors to stop and savor them.

The Machi Oyatsu Project Booth had a display presenting in simple terms how Fuji Sunny Foods and Fuji Oil can help out confectionery stores in the local community, and provided explanations to many visitors.

Visitors could sample pieces of chocolate at the Chocolate Booth, pieces of Tiratisu (made with cocoa or soybean flour) at the Tiratisu Booth, and Howatama and Kasamaguri (chestnut) Baked Sweets at the Machi Oyatsu Project Booth. Each booth received many favorable comments on its samples from the visitors.