Fuji Oil’s Mame Plus M, textured soy protein, won the 20th hot-selling professional use processed food award, organized by the Japan Food Journal, for school meals and deli products. The hot-selling professional use food product awards annually choose the hit products in the professional use processed food market based on the recommendations of 61 member companies throughout Japan. Fifteen products including Fuji Oil has now won the award three times, following 2007 for the deep-fried tofu and 2014 for Ko-Cream.

Mr. Kimoto, President of Fuji Oil (Japan), attended the awards ceremony on September 9 in Tokyo and gave a speech to express his gratitude, representing the winners. The awarded food products were available at the food sampling and exhibition booth, at which a number of attendants enjoyed eating Mapo tofu with Mame Plus M served by Fuji Oil.