On November 27, Fuji Oil held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of construction of a new plant for industrial chocolate on the grounds of its Kanto Plant (located in the city of Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan).

The Fuji Oil Group has a global production of industrial chocolate, which it produces at four plants in Japan including those in the Hannan Business Operations Complex, Kanto Plant, and at plants in three other countries. Fuji Oil has a wide-ranging assortment of industrial chocolate, which is made from its diverse line of oils and fats products and the world’s finest cacao, and features both excellent flavor and utility. Consumption of chocolate has been expanding inside and outside Japan in recent years, and is anticipated to continue doing so. The plant was built as the second one for chocolate on the grounds of the Kanto Plant, in order to further solidify the foundation of the Group’s chocolate business.
Amid the rising concern about health and nutrition, the cacao ingredients contained in chocolate are becoming a focus of attention for their antioxidative action and other effects for promotion of health. In addition, there are increasing needs in various areas, such as production of sugarless versions and even stricter quality management. As a manufacturer of chocolate, Fuji Oil decided that it was necessary to produce finely differentiated products in small lots for response to these new needs in the market, and so constructed the new plant.

The construction of the new plant will enable Fuji Oil to vigorously develop business in the health and restaurant markets, which have been difficult for it to enter so far. The advancement of its production technology for chocolate will be linked to the further globalization of its activities. We are determined to make the most of this plant to energetically develop new markets for the future and make a contribution to our customers and society as a whole through a concerted companywide effort.

At the ceremony to celebrate the completion of construction
At the ceremony to celebrate the completion of construction

Outline of the new plant

Place: on the grounds of the Kanto Plant, Ago 2600-8, Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Outline of the building:   floor area of about 3,800 square meters
Outline of facilities: facilities for production of industrial chocolate

Outline of the Kanto Plant

Lot area:   63,000 square meters
1994: completion of the cream plant as Fuji Oil’s first production site in eastern Japan
2001: completion of the chocolate plant
2015: completion of the new chocolate plant