Tatsuji Omori, President, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.

Happy New Year! We are deeply grateful for your support last year.
I would like to make some remarks by way of extending my greetings to you at the start of the new year.

In 2018, Japan was visited by a succession of natural disasters and record-high summer heat. In particular, the earthquake that struck the northern part of Osaka Prefecture in June damaged the warehouse of one of our consignees and made it hard for us to ship products for quite a while. And Typhoon 21, which hit in September, did tremendous destruction mainly in the Kinki region. It also damaged our plant and a consignee warehouse in the city of Izumisano, where our company is headquartered. We sincerely apologize for greatly inconveniencing our customers as a result. These happenings brought home to me the climate change accompanying changes in the global environment, and overwhelmed me with an awe of nature. To apply the lessons learned from this experience, I am determined to have our whole company show concern for the global environment and to further construct measures to prepare for disasters in both normal times and emergencies.

Companies doing business in Japan cannot afford to overlook the problems of population aging and personnel shortage. In a business environment that is in constant and drastic change, we aspire to continued provision of added value to our customers and resolution of social issues through our business. This may be exemplified by our commercialization of stabilized DHA/EPA with a view to narrowing the gap between the average life expectancy and the healthy life expectancy. The technology of our company, whose mission is to provide products that are both “delicious and healthy,” makes it possible for people to get an intake of DHA/EPA with no special effort, through their ordinary meals. Similarly, in our soy business, which is one of our key strengths, we can expect much from the effects of soy protein and soy peptide as items linked to the promotion of muscular strength. And in response to the shortage of hands, we are going to offer customers solutions through our supply of food ingredients and proposal of dishes that save labor.

The foundation for new value creation is laid by effective use of human resources and technologies. In recent years, we have proactively pursued organizational reform in the areas of research and sales along with work style reform. This year as well, we are going to review and augment our IT use and systems, toward the goal of attaining even higher efficiency in our business and making more effective use of our human resources. While “change” requires a great amount of energy, I hope all employees will retain a positive view of it and take approaches to work more energetically and our organization to function more smoothly.

Again this year, we stand committed to concerted company-wide efforts to be an enterprise that is trusted and preferred by our customers. We are earnestly counting on your continued patronage of the products of the Fuji Oil Group.