Tatsuji Omori, President, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.

Thank you very much for your precious support in 2017. I would like to share some thoughts by way of a greeting at the start of the new year, as follows.

Since my instatement as president in April 2017, I have vigorously taken up the challenge of expanding our new business domains as well. The Japanese market has reached maturation with the trends of falling birthrates and population aging. In this situation, the environment surrounding "food" is in the midst of fast-paced change. Our product development and business are linked to value precisely because they assist resolution of problems accompanying lengthening life expectancies and a shrinking workforce. In this age, I intend to place even more importance on communication with customers. It is essential for us to cultivate the new market for products directed to the very aged, whose ranks are going to swell from now on, and products with enhanced functions. I am determined to create the "value" sought by our customers and their customers, and to conduct business activities as a "best partner" supporting the growth of their business.

Last summer, the Fuji Oil Group concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Osaka Prefectural Government. Under this agreement, I hope to draw on the processing technology that is our strength in taking action on a wide range of tasks, including approaches to providing meals that will promote the health of people in the prefecture while widening occasions for their consumption, the development of prefectural specialty products to help energize local economies, and the supply of groundwater in the event of disaster. Within Japan, there is a basic tone of moderate recovery in both economic activity and consumption. To respond to the expectations in the restaurant foods business and companies in the home meal replacement industry and other fields, I shall strive for "kachizukuri" (creating values) in addition to utilization of the store of original technology we have accumulated to date on the front of ingredient development and product application development.

We at Fuji Oil remain committed to concerted efforts on the part of all employees to keep Fuji Oil a company that is trusted and preferred by its customers.
I earnestly hope that you will continue to give our products your patronage again in 2018.