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2017. 12.26 Received “Osaka Stop Global Warming Award” Special Prize

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has received the Osaka Stop Global Warming Award Special Prize for FY 2017. These awards are presented by Osaka Prefectural Government to honor businesses that have engaged in outstanding global warming prevention activities that set an example of good practice for other business.
Fuji Oil was awarded owing to the high ratings of its achievement of results exceeding its target for reduction of GHG emissions in fiscal 2016 as compared to fiscal 2015. This reduction was made possible by its proactive installation of facilities and improvement of operations to this end.

○Actual reduction of GHG emissions (FY2016)

○Major initiatives

The Fuji Oil Group is working to conserve energy and reduce GHG emissions through the design and development of production facilities. In order to develop sustainably together with society, we will continue to promote environment-friendly activities.

Received “Osaka Stop Global Warming Award” Special Prize